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​"Breaking the cycle of dependence"

Another New Year

​We are excited to see what God has in store for His work in 2016.  Our prayer is that we will a light in the darkness.  Please join us in praying for growth.


We are thrilled to report that we exceeded our goal of 30,000 with 32,700 in attendance in 35 churches on Easter.  Two churches did not report.

In The News

Since 1986 the Downs family has pursued the work of god and this has taken them Globally


As never before, we can communicate instantly with any major hub in the world.  We can travel faster, cheaper, and with fewer complications than anyone would have ever imagined even a few short years ago. As a result, our vision has expanded as well. New opportunities are presented regularly and our heart's desire is to respond as God gives direction.

Church planting remains the most effective and most biblical strategy to reach the world for Christ.

"Are you going?" should no longer be the question, but rather, "Where are you going?" We simply do not have a solid reason to hold back.  "Imagine what we can do together."

Ever Expanding

Let's go globally

Our world grows smaller with each advance in technology. At GoGlobally we endeavor to take advantage of modern communication and travel in an effort to take the message of God globally. Join us!